Fabiano Souza


Helping tutors to teach children the importance of the money.

  • Introduction

    Oincoin is a finance education platform based on kids day-by-day. The startup was born to help adults on teaching children the importance of the money and how to use that wisely. This is how it works: the adult set a goal to the child, that could be from a toy to a travel, for example. A part of the money for buying it is given by the adult, and the rest of the amount is achieved with bonus tasks (clean the bedroom, do the homework, eat beans, and so on) as the child do those tasks and mark in the app.

  • Validating the idea

    To validate the idea, Mônica, founder of Oincoin, invite some mothers using Facebook groups to create an objective for their children and give some taks to them to do. The money to buy/achieve the objective was stocked by Mônica. By WhatsApp, Mônica asked the mothers every day about the accomplished tasks, and wrote it manually in a diary, until the goal was achieved. With this basic mechanic working and the trust by the mothers on leaving their money with Mônica, the idea was validated.

  • MVP

  • Developing the MVP

    To develop the MVP, we first started defining basic personas based on the mothers of the validation test. Then we designed an user journey to map the entire experience, from the signup form until the achieved objective. We defined the user journey both for adults and children. Using this method we were able to see hard points to solve (such as payment flow and a complex form to create an account).

    In the perfect scenario we could start building an app, but as we were working on a MVP we saw that this could not be possible. So we were going to make a responsive website. The website would be a logged platform for the gamificated part, and a single page to sell the product and collect some potential leads to contact when the MVP was ready.

    I made a very simple design to the page, focusing on conversion. I designed over a website theme and used some free illustrations to be more agile. I started to sketch the flow and the first screens.

    Once I finished the design we tested the flow with five users to validate the usability. With some improvements we started developing the platform.

  • Mascot

    Rethinking the classic form to convert more

    The platform was pretty good and the landing page was performing great, but we had a problem to solve. As we needed to use a gateway to receive the money we also needed to collect some information (because legal requirements for local payment methods). Those information, with the initial form to create an account for the adult and the child, plus goals and tasks was too much. We needed to find another way.

    So I realized: what if we had an assistant to help on setting this? So, as I was working on a kids product I started to do some drawings about our perfect assistant.

    We called him Oinc 🐽.

    Once we had the assistant I started a new challenge: to design a conversational interface for my first time! I had a great support from Elton, a great content strategist that helped me to give a voice to Oinc. My rule here was to create a fluid and natural talk, asking the information that we need to set the account and to not let the user give up.

    The result was pretty great, we received very positive feedbacks and perceived the the mascot could be something bigger in the future, and we needed to explore this more.

  • Validating the product

    So we had the MVP good to go, tested and improved by users interview and feedbacks. We launched the product and sent an email inviting the leads to test the product. We were monitoring the metrics using Google Analytics and Hotjar, and making more interviews about the use.

  • New old problems

    Even with the product validated and with good responses about the new way to sign up, we had some common complains about the time spent to create the account and start using it in fact. Some users said that they were saving time to do the task! It was time for us to iterate. We redesigned the initial flow again. Now we allowed the users to start just logging in using Facebook (in this case they jump right to the platform) and, in another case, creating the account from zero: they could just give 5 answers tops to Oinc, and there he was in the platform too.

    We also used Oinc to guide users in the platform and to encourage them to not give up.

  • Final Product

    What we have now is a checkpoint. We are right now working to improve the product more and more and to find new ways to raise our conversion rate. The next steps is to transform the platform in a native Android and iOS app, beside that start to offer debit card to really empower the child and to offer a full learning experience. And about the future: we want to take Oincoin to day-by-day of families, to make the finance education a natural experience.

  • Team